Infant Hazelwood Necklace

Infant Hazelwood Necklace

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Between three months to a year, your child’s teeth will begin to develop. While some parents have an easy time and notice the first tooth when the baby starts gnawing on everything, there are those who are not so lucky. You won’t believe that such a sweet baby can cry or drool as much when he is teething. If your child is already doing this, Hazelwood necklaces are the ideal choice. Teething can go on for months, meaning that your child will be uncomfortable during this time. To avoid this, using a Healing Hazel necklace is the best natural option.

As a concerned parent, you will want to do some research on Hazelwood and its effects on your baby before making a purchase. Here are some of the things you will find out:

Does the necklace ever stop working?

Since Hazelwood may absorbs excess acidity from skin & body, it means that at some point, it might need to be replaced. When this is the case, symptoms such as pain, drooling and eczema will return. When wood inside pieces who were once white in color turn grey and dark (oxydized) it is a sure indication that it needs to be replaced. Experts recommend replacing the necklace after three months.

Hazelwood can come in a lighter or darker shade. This does not affect its efficiency. It is common to see wood starting to peel after some time. As is common with natural wood, this should not alarm you. It is perfectly safe to continue using the necklace or bracelet. We hope that with all these questions answered, you can confidently purchase these items for your baby.

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